GZ van Kuilenburg aims to provide care for people who do not speak Dutch or prefer treatment in English. You can contact me in case of need for help and /or any mental health related issues or questions. For example when you are an exchange student or an expat, working, studying and staying for some time in the Netherlands and experiencing emotional difficulties. To start with treatment you need a referral (letter from you GP) stating your treatment-related questions for basic mental health care (Generalistische BasisGGZ) including a diagnosis (DSM-5 code). Your GP will now what is needed to be admitted for treatment in an independent (private) practice.

Only recently I founded my private practice, this summer (2022). Children, adolescents and adults are welcome for a variety of problems, such as anxiety, specific phobias, depression, major or traumatic life events, emotion regulation problems, burn-out, sleeping problems, low self-esteem, problems with education or work, eating disorders, behavioral or impuls control disorders, developmental disorders (ADHD, autism spectrum disorders), grief, and problems related to developmental stages such as adolescence or young motherhood.

Since I studied in Bangor, Wales (UK) for almost a year and graduated my study Clinical and Health Psychology (University of Leiden) in English, I am able to provide for English spoken treatments such as EMDR, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behaviour therapy, schema-focused psychotherapy and mindfulness. Therapy can be provided for children, adolescents and adults from 6 to 66 years old.

I am also working with life-style related problems and training programs, such as stress management, activity and excercise scheduling, running therapy and yoga exercise or sensori-motor psychotherapy principles. Since I adhere to a holistic approach and make use of the knowledge that body and mind are inseparable and highly connected, I will always look at self-care and exercise as part of the treatment plan. Also, I am trying to make therapy more efficient by using digital delivery methods if needed or desired.

Furthermore I am specialised in different types of trauma treatments e.g. EMDR, trauma-focused CBT, cognitive behavioural writing therapy, EMDR story telling method, and schema-focused psychotherapy.

You can reach me directly by phone (number +31 6 83593253); since I am often in therapy sessions, you can also and always contact me through e-mail: [email protected] or [email protected]

In the first contact I will adress the following: the reason of referral and by whom, to find out whether help is needed on a short-term basis and to discuss the waiting list. When more urgent or more specialised help is needed, I will refer you to a therapist or institution which can provide this type of care. Lastly, I need to explain the costs of the therapy and the invoice. You will receive an invoice at the end of the month, which you have to pay yourself first, and then the invoice can be submitted to your insurance company.

This flyer will provide further information about mental health care in a private mental health care practice. Please do not hesitate to contact me when you have any further questions.



At the first appointment, please bring your ID and a signed and completed application form. I will provide for an application form after the first contact. In case the parents of a child are divorced, an approval of both parents (if they both have parental authority) is needed for children under the age of 16 years old.

During the first session (intake) I will analyse and discuss with you the reasons why you are being referred to a psychologist, and I will gather further information about your personal background.

With underaged youth (18-), both parents will be invited for the intake, together with the child. Child and parents will be interviewed together and separately. Sometimes there will also be contact with for example the teacher of a child. Psychological assessment is recommended when more information is needed about the primary complaints, behaviour or personality of the child, or his or her family context. Assessment can be very helpful to better inform the treatment plan.

During the second appointment, hypotheses about the problem(s) and treatment goals will be discussed and set. In addition, we will discuss the treatment proposal. Children under the age of 9 years old with an indication for play therapy or psychomotor therapy are usually referred to colleagues that are specialised in play therapy with young children. Also, when the problems are mostly related to major interaction problems between parent(s) and child, and ask for a family-based treatment (family systems therapy), I will also tend to refer to a colleague who is more specialised in family therapy.

In therapy, I use techniques from various evidence-based treatment methods, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), EMDR (eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing), acceptance commitment therapy (ACT), mindfulness therapy, schema-focused psychotherapy (SFT), positive psychology and dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT). It is important to note that all treatments in a primary care psychology practice are relatively short-term and solution-focused.

My specialisatons lie in trauma therapy, the treatment of emotion regulation problems and low self-esteem and treatment for impuls control- and behaviour problems, including (mild) addictive behaviors.

Price list 2024

Intake (75 min) € 198,72

Individual session (45 min)  € 135,89

Individual therapy session (60 min)  € 161,46

Parental guidance session (60 min)  € 161,46

Family or partner-relation therapy session (75 min.) € 198,72

Consultation by phone or video call (30 min.) € 95,67

Consultation (eg. teacher, parent) (30 min.) € 95,67

(Included are administrative costs, according NZa guidelines 2024)


The practice GZ van Kuilenburg is located in Gezondheidscentrum ‘Roodenburgerstraat’, at Roodenburgerstraat 1A, Leiden (first floor).

As a primary care therapist, I work together with other caregivers such as general practitioners, physiotherapists, dieticians, social work, homeopathy and haptonomy. GZ van Kuilenburg maintains close connections with the psychologists and psychiater of Praktijk Kern ( ). Together, we form an alliance of independent, primary care therapists.

Qualification and Registration

Mental Health Care professional (Gezondheidszorgpsycholoog BIG 69918228525)

I am a member of the LVVP (Landelijke Vereniging van Vrijgevestigde Psychologen, registratienr. 5790), VGCt (Vereniging van Gedrags- en Cognitieve therapieën, registratienr. 204066), VEN (Vereniging EMDR Nederland, registratienr. 35369), VSt (Vereniging voor Schematherapie, registratienr. 210593) and NVGzP (Vereniging voor Gezondheidszorgpsychologen, registratienr. 6495) and VVAa.

Membership of these associations is only possible with the right qualifications, requirements and proficiency.  In 2023 I will receive a visitation from the LVVP for quality assurance and control. The practice also received the KIWA Keurmerk for independent practices in the mental health care area.

The practice is bound to the guidelines of the Professional Code of Psychologists (NIP) and Psychotherapy (NVP), the WGBO (Wet op de Geneeskundige Behandelovereenkomst) and the BIG (Wet Beroepen in de Gezondheidszorg). The quality statute can be found on the website. Mental health care professionals are bound to rules of (medical) confidentiality. This means that personal information during the treatment will not be shared with others without explicit, written consent of the patient. Only with consent, the GP will be informed about the start and ending of treatment as well as the effect. Following the AVG, the law of privacy, I will ask you to not send any personal information to me via mail, WhatsApp or text message. In case of sharing personal information, the practice will use ZIVVER.

BIG-registered mental health care professionals are obligated to share depersonalised information to the DIS (DBC Information System). In case you object you can notify your therapist at the start of the treatment, and sign a privacy statement. The privacy statement of the practice can be found on the website.

Complaints can be shared with the therapist via e-mail, telephone or live contact. In case no settlement is found, the patient can contact the LVVP for further support in handling the complaint;

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me, via telephone (+31683593253) or e-mail; [email protected], [email protected]


When appointments are canceled within 24 hours before the time and date of the appointment, no costs will be charged.

Appointments can be canceled by phone (+31 6-83593253) or email ([email protected] ; [email protected])

You can also leave a message on voicemail or by WhatsApp, Telegram or Signal.

I am present on Monday, Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning (Roodenburgerstraat 1a, Leiden). From January 2023 on, I will also be working on Fridays.